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Watch Dogs 2 Part 8B

In preparation of Watch Dogs: Legion The Nerd's List team decided to play through Watch Dogs 2. This is one of my favorite games to date and I have to play through it. This series will not have commentary so you can enjoy the gameplay without that annoying commentary. In this episode Marcus goes under cover as Jason Lowell to get some information on New down and to stop the nefarious plot. He also meets with Maranda and learns how things work in her world. Follow the brands The Nerd's List - Youtube The Nerd's List - Setic Arts - - Social Media - Facebook The Nerd's List - Materialized Gaming - Instagram The Nerd's List - Materialized Gaming - Twitter The Nerd's List - Materialized Gaming - Setic Arts - Follow the hosts TechBoy - JetherBlaise -

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