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COD Mobile Day 1 with the Team



Have you joined the hype? Well we have. Our team here at The Nerd's List are all for it. Watch Tech Boy, Retro from YEEER Kicks, JD and Lil Tech Boy play through a few match while trying to get the hang of the game. We decided to give the game a real test run and got hooked. It's definitely not a next gen game but it's next gen for mobile and that is made obvious from the moment the game starts. The Nerd's List

We did not test out all of the modes for this gameplay but we went through a few multiplayer battle modes. The Hardpoint Battle mode seems to be the mode we gravitated to most. We will go through all of the modes for you and you can decide what you like most. Gaming with Call of Duty Mobile is tons of fun. The Nerd's list is here to bring you more gameplay videos and more reviews. Stay tuned. The Nerd's List

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