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Bringing Back The Original Sonic Look After The Fan Rejection

The first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer was released in May and fans were all but pleased with the look of your favorite hedgehog. The issue was sonic just looked... weird and terrifying. Instead of the Sonic we've all loved, he looked like a happy monster from a kid's scary movie. To make matters worse, he looked like a person wearing a poorly designed Halloween costume.

Within two days of getting all of these negative comments Jeff Fowler, the film's director, made the announcement that changes would be made before the film's release. Not too long after we were informed of the February 2020 release date. Sonic has been reborn.
Sonic the Hedgehog.
Even though Sonic the Hedgehog had a rough production start, that's all changed with the look of the new trailer. Sonic has a closer look to not only the newer game but the newer cartoons as well.

The Nerd's List Will cover this and much more. 

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