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(repost) This Viral Video Gives 'Space Jam' The Anime Sequel Fans Deserve


It has been more than twenty years since Space Jam made its debut, the film lives on in cult infamy. Though mocked by critics, the whacky film remained a fan-favorite for its absurd story and crazy jokes. A sequel is already in the works, but the Internet is demanding the new film do a few important things.
You know, like including anime for one.

The whole movement began with Black Panther strangely enough. The massive film is still destroying box office numbers as it tries to hit a billion dollars worldwide. The magical film feature a truly talent cast, but anime fans were preoccupied with its inclusion of known otaku Michael B. Jordan.
With the success of Black Panther behind the star, fans began to fan-cast Jordan in new films. It only took fans a bit of time to connect the actor and his love of anime to Space JamA now-viral tweet was posted imagining a Space Jam sequel starring Jordan as its hero, and the Internet was quick to second the idea.
However, someone has already done such a thing in real-life. Well, except for having Jordan in it. This viral fan-film features Ryan Higa instead.
Yes, the team behind Niga Higa have done Space Jam with an anime twist already. As you can see above, the Youtube trope created “Space Jam 3: Anime Edition” way back in July 2016 with their own NBA superstar. Higa and his team tapped Jeremy Lin to fill in for Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. The result... well, you will have to be the judge of that yourself.

The fan-film is pretty self-explanatory. After decided to retire, Lin is sucked into a world of anime all-stars who are faced with a big problem. Uzumaki Naruto, Son Goku, Usagi Tsukino, and Yugi Muto have to beat a group of sport fanatics at a game of basketball. They rope Lin into training them, but their inability to work together keeps the team from doing well. However, when Lin tells each hero to use their special anime powers to their advantage, the AnimeNiacs finally get their heads in the game.
Do you think Japan should look into a series like this? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!

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