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Strange Unconventional Gadgets: Issa Dountdown

If you're an uber-nerd like myself you like strange, unconventional gadgets. On top of wanting strange,
unusual things, throw my love for electronics on top of that. You my friend, will have a countdown of
the coolest nerdiest gadgets that you should add to your collection. If you don't like them for yourself,
they make a great gift.

I was surfing the net and came across a pretty cool website that had me mind blown. All cool
awesomeness on one website!   Everything from this countdown is going to be from
This is a U.K. based company specializing  in unique and unconventional gifts that can fit any one
lifestyle. You are not limited to buy them as gifts you can buy things for yourself as well.

What is the second darkest place in your home? The most obvious place is the closet, but now one
goes there. The second is going to be your lovely bathroom. Who wants to look for the light switch to
turn on before using the restroom?  My friend, I give you the illumibowl. This bad boy fits any toilet and
can be turned on to 9 different colors. The Illumibowl is motion activated so you don't have to worry
about the batteries dying on you. We could make it simple and just get a regular night light, but we
want to be cool and have the toilet glowing. I'm sure your friends will be impressed. The illumibowl
is only going to run you $28.00 before shipping.  It is not a need, but it is cooler that night light.

What is a home without some great high definition speakers? I bring to you the Aerobull Speakers.  
These excellent high definition speakers come with glasses built in so your you're put looks cool while
playing your favorite jams over Bluetooth. These speakers have, and iPhone/iPod dock if you decide
you don't want to connect via Bluetooth.  These speakers have 2,25 satellite drive and a 5,25 subwoofer.
 Every pet has their favorite toy; the areobull comes with his bone that is used as a remote to control the speakers.

The Aerobull Speakers sit 1.8 feet high and come in red, white and my favorite matte black. This cool
speaker does not ship to the U.S.unfortunately, but it's a cool purchase if they ship to your country. The
Aerobull Speaker will run you $1887 before shipping.

A fluffy robotic duster with a mind of its own. The robotic duster is battery operated and roams your
home freely while cleaning at the same time. This cleaning robot turns a different direction when it hits
an obstacle. You can set this your robotic duster on a timer so that you can go about other activities
while it is dusting your home. This is perfect playmate if you have a pet cat.   The mocoro robot is
going to run you$ 42.00 before shipping.

We have to make sure that your robotic duster has a robot friend. As sweet as the mopet looks this
robotic mop is about business. The mopet roams around your home scrubbing your floor while releases
a pleasant aroma. The mopet is going to run you $42.00 before shipping.

Smart lighting is the new wave. Nanoleaf light is geometric lighting that is voice operated; app operated
or by a remote. The nanoleaf will add style to your home along with matching your moods depending on
the color you set. These light are customizable so that you can adjust and rearrange them to your liking.
You can express yourself, feel stylish and complement your lifestyle all at the same time.  

The kit includes. Nine light panels, nine connectors, one controller. 28 mounting tape and one power
supply. The nanoleaf lighting panels will run you $251.59 before shipping.

If the nanoleaf lighting smart panels are out of your budget, I have the Kasa smart light bulbs for you.  
These are low energy led light bulbs that can be controlled by your smartphone.  You can create mood,
set timers and choose from 16 million colors!  These low energy light bulbs will help you save money on
your light bill along with helping you save money. These smart light bulbs life expectancy is 15 years.

This smart lighting system is easy as one, two and three. The setup process is simply to download the
app to control the smart bulbs from your phone. The app allows you to control up to 32 bulbs through
the application. These smart lights will run you $42.00 before shipping.

If you are looking for strange and unusual gifts for other or just for yourself be sure to check out The update their site regularly and always have some cool things lined up for any

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