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Nerd Talk is on the Frontline Battleground!

Techboy opens a conversation with John, the creator of the Frontline Battleground game and discusses some of the challenges now that the game is complete. There are many games and apps on mobile but not many games or developers with the spunk of this development team.

"World war has been begun- the only way to save your world is to eradicate the still alive zombies & transformed robots squad with your snipe shooting. Cover the fire from tank enemy’s blitz in the global impact of wargaming. Warship of Air robot world is spreading everywhere so your battleground global war mission is to eradicate the alive enemy robot waves with your battle weapons including a sniper."

John tells us what people want from this game. What's that? being a gamer myself I knew. Better graphics. The development to walked us through some of the issues with the game and when they plan to solve them.

"I didn't want to skip a week so I'm releasing this episode to keep everything going. The team will be back with a "Black Panther" podcast next week.

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