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Generative Design & Digital Twins: Engineering at the Intersection of Video Games & Philosophy

Jether Blaise covers two articles in October 2017's issue of Mechanical Engineering and explores how the topics impinge on important philosophical themes portrayed in video games (particularly Destiny and Armored Core).

This is the first episode of the "Philosophical Interlude" series on Jet SET Media. Be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe for more!

The video ran a little long, but it is definitely worth it! One topic I didn't get a chance to explore in this episode piggybacks off of the digital twin concept; is physical reality information theoretic? In other words, can the laws of physics be expressed in information theoretic terms in a way that retains their original "meaning" and validity? Is reality at base information? These are very interesting ideas that might be explored in a future Philosophical Interlude.

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