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Damn Samung, Back at it again with another Galaxy Note launch

Samsung has come a long way from their explosive (literally) debut of the Galaxy Note 7 that
launched August 2016. Samsung was thought to have a bad reputation because the recall of
the device due to the device catching on fire and exploding. There were about 70 reported
incidents of the device exploding leading to the device being recalled not once, but twice.

Written by: Jessrey Leary

Some of their Samsung Galaxy fans turned over to the dark side and turned in their recalled
device for an Apple iPhone. The rest kept the faith and waited for 2017 to see if Samsung would
roll out another Galaxy Note. The rumor was that Samsung was not longer creating Samsung
Note series phones. If they did, they were not going to name it Note due to the reputation of the
explosive sibling that just would not behave.

To the surprise of the consumers, Samsung indeed came out with a Galaxy Note 8 August
2017, winning back some of their customers that went to the iPhone dark side. The Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 Displayed a 6.5-inch infinity screen, 6gb of RAM, a dual camera setup, and a
3,300 mAh embedded battery. Samsung reported that the Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders surpassed
all previous Galaxy Note launches to date.

The Samsung Note series is not going anywhere soon; they plan to unveil their new Samsung
Galaxy Note 9 February 25, 2018. This Flagship device is rumored to be a slimmer device, with
the same infinity screen like the Galaxy Note 8. The new Galaxy Note 9 specs are not all
confirmed as of yet, but there are a few small tweaks to the Flagship device. The fingerprint
scanner will be located below the camera in the back along with the Infinity screen having a
fractionally smaller bezeled screen than the previous Galaxy Note 8.

It is safe to say with the success of the Note 8 the Galaxy Note 9 will continue to carry the
Galaxy Note legacy proudly. The device will be a newer and more improved Note without the
explosive surprise.

Be sure to check back for the full specs of the device and the side by side comparisons.

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