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10 Short Horror Films That Will Terrify You

10 Short Horror Films That Will Terrify You

Fans of the horror genre pride themselves on keeping up on the best new movies. They are also well versed and challenge each other with nerd trivia on obscure hidden gems in the genre. You can imagine the delight and surprise when they come across a new favorite horror director or film that was previously unknown to them. It’s time to clear out the weekend schedule and binge watch every single project that the director has done!
The ‘horror short’ genre has a strong following. The low budget short films allow for ample creativity and can be produced with a small team of one or two on a meager budget. Forgoing traditional distribution platforms for social media, a grassroots community is the backbone of the horror short community. The format lets young horror directors work on their craft, make new friends, and test out what works.
Here are 10 short horror films that will keep you on the edge of your seat… and coming back for more.

"The Smiling Man" by  A.J. Briones

Synopsis: A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

"Lights Out" by David Sandberg

We recently reviewed the full length feature film, but here is the short film that started it all. Personally, I think the short is much scarier.

"Welcome To The Circus" by John Fitzpatrick (Scary Endings)

Since the clown phenomenon is happening around the country, here is a treat for your liking.

"Unknown Number" by David Nguyen

A girl receives some eerie phone calls while she is home alone...or so she thinks.

"Night Night Nancy" by Lewis Farinella

A girl wakes up from a text message and realizes somebody has been taking pictures of her while she slept.

"Mr. Creak" by Superfreak Media

A woman finds terrifying messages in an old toy house, reciting the rhyme of Mr Creak.

"I Heard It Too" by Matt Sears

A mother puts her daughter to bed but when the girl wakes up, is it really her mother calling her name?

"Play Time" by Ryan Thompson

A haunted house that that terrorizes a woman.

"He Dies At The End" by Damien McCarthy

Spoiler given.

"Bedfellows" by Drew Daywalt

A woman wakes to the sound of her phone ringing, and what she discovers is truly chilling.

That is our ten scariest short films from around the web! After you take a breather from all of the thrills and chills, feel free to check out my own short horror film that just debuted in the Knoxville Horror Film Festival, titled "There's Something Down The Road" that begins the tale of The Stranger.

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