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Disney buys Fox's studios and cable TV channels for $52 billion

After weeks of rumors, the deal is done -- Disney will buy up large chunks of Rupert Murdoch's Fox media empire for $52 billion. The list of what it won't take is shorter: the Fox News cable channel, broadcast networks and Fox Sports, which are expected to spin off as their own business. The Disney conglomerate adds the Fox movie and TV studios (including big-name franchises like X-Men, Avatar, Alien and The Simpsons), it now has majority control of Hulu, cable channels like FX/FXX and more.
While possible implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe will come to any comic book movie fan's mind first -- yes, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four are included -- this purchase is all about Disney's place in a changing TV landscape. As cord-cutting has increased and subscribers have shifted away from mainstays like ESPN, Disney is bulking up and preparing to launch its own streaming service in 2019 -- which now has a much larger library to pull from.
Robert Iger & Rupert Murdoch


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