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Tech Boy Bringing you Gamez Nation Episode 5 - FictionSphere

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"The Nerd's List" team of Tech Boy, Jether Blaise, Seda, and Stephanie talk with Aric from Team  Einherjar to talk about his new game Fiction sphere. FictionSphere is a "Technical Platformer" with a story driven agenda. Its packed with some of your favorite mechanics from the Platforming, hack and slash, and fighting game genres.
We aim to have TWO compelling stories, as well as 2 different styles of gameplay. The protagonist Ratio will have more of a Platformer feel, while Paradox will take more of a Hack and slash route. Both play styles require precision, execution, and timing. This game will be a true testament of your gamer-like reflexes!
the game will feature these key mechanics
  • Platforming
  • Feature two of our playable characters 
  • A fun little shooting gallery minigame 
  • Mob fights 
  • Technical Abilities (Defensive and offensive) 
  • Our current variety of enemies
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Gameplay videos Below
Mighty No. 9
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