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Cows and Vikings

Cows and Vikings

Long ago, in ancient times, when legends were born and miracles were real, the men known as Vikings ruled over the great land of Yutlindii. These brutal plunderers earned a reputation as fierce flaxen-haired warriors striking from the northern seas and leaving havoc in their wake. During a brief reprieve in their plundering and pillaging these mercenaries returned to their villages to tend to the crops needed to sustain them through the brutal winter.
Here, the humble cow was an integral part of Viking Life. Some helped to cultivate the land and assist with the farm, while others had more specialized roles.Peace and harmony was the order of the day in the villages where Vikings and their loyal cows lived in accord. Until one fateful day….strange events began to transpire.
Without explanation cows seemed to be vanishing into thin air, nowhere to be found — as though some dark force was at work. This of course made the cows fearful and they demanded answers from the Vikings concerning the whereabouts of their brethren. The proud Vikings, insulted by the accusations defensively stood their ground, claiming no knowledge of the bizarre disappearances. Frankly though, the latest horned helmet fashion trend wasn’t exactly helping the Viking’s case.
The division grew between cow and Viking. Mistrust and suspicion festered. As more of their family continued to disappear Cows reached the breaking point and were left with no option. The emboldened cows stood strong and took the most drastic of measures. War was declared! Thus beginning the period known as the Great Cattle Battle!
Now you can join this epic conflict! Defend Viking towers against the advancing herd and help your hero fend off the bovine attacks. Only your courage and cunning can help save the village from udder destruction!


The Vikings were caught off-guard by this drastic measure and were forced to go on the defensive. Their immediate response was to fortify the perimeters with towers from which they could fend off the bovine assault. The Vikings developed the towers to serve different strategic purposes. Some stand-alone as a universal defence while others provide a specialized combatant function. The Vikings knew they couldn’t simply overwhelm the advancing herd and craftily designed each tower to adapt to the increasingly fierce onslaught of the angry mobilized horde of cows.
The Archer – The Archer slows the advance of the bovine army with a flurry of precision arrows. While not inflicting an enormous amount of damage the Archer gives the cows pause and prevents them from advancing en masse.
Artillery – The Artillery Tower provides maximum damage to the largest surface area and immobilizes the cow’s progress forcing them into a smaller divided army thus reducing their strength as well as eliminating the largest number of cows with a single strike.
Wizard – The Wizard Tower is the most costly of the towers and most demanding of Viking resources. However, this price pays huge dividends as the Wizard can penetrate shields and stifle the attacking cows.
Freezer – The Freezer Tower stems the tide of forward-marching cows, slowing their advancement thus providing the Vikings with time to re-group and form a proactive strategic response to attack.


The fierce warrior-like spirit and sheer brutality of the cows surprised the Vikings and forced them to their heels. In fact, it surprised the cows as well. Heretofore, the cows assumed their passive role in the village unaware of their untapped combatant strength. Once forced into action the cows discovered themselves to be ruthless soldiers.
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Heroes are forged in the fire of war; a truth which the powerful Vikings understood far to well. In the Great Cattle Battle many Viking men secured their mantle in history as brave warriors who rose to the challenge of combat with valour and courage.


And do not forget that our story takes place in a beautiful world full of secrets and surprises. Landscapes of Yutlindii will make you wish you weren\’t a warrior but a mere tourist.


These wonderful landscapes are full of amazing technologies and artifacts that can give you an advantage on the battlefield: Ring of Northern King can make your towers immune to cows attacks, Moons Rune will help find secret locations for your towers and many more…

Game features

  • Compelling computer graphics
  • Perfect game balance
  • Interesting story
  • Memorable characters
  • Classic Tower Defense mechanics
  • Fun gameplay
Available on iPads all over the world, this Year!

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