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『Destiny 2』 Live Action Dance Trailer “Freestyle Playground”

I don't post much for you guys since I focus mostly on the podcasts but I found this online and thought this was worth sharing since we did a few episodes of "Gamez Nation" on Destiny 2. This Japanese live action video is amazing. What are your thoughts?

Destiny 2 (Destiny 2) which was awarded the Best Game Award in the UK Academy Awards Game Division in 2015 and was released as a sequel to the action game "Destiny" whose total number of players exceeded 30 million people in the world in May 2016 ". Featuring the world view to "dance" loved by players in the game.
2015年に英国アカデミー賞ゲーム部門でベストゲーム賞を受賞し、2016年5月の段階で累計プレイヤー数が全世界の3000万人を超えたアクションゲーム『Destiny』の続編として発売された『Destiny 2』。その世界観を、ゲーム内でプレイヤーたちに愛される「ダンス」にフィーチャー
2015-Nen ni Igirisu akademī-shō gēmu bumon de besutogēmu-shō o jushō shi, 2016-nen 5 tsuki no dankai de ruikei pureiyā-sū ga zen sekai no 3000 man hito o koeta akushongēmu “desutinī” no zokuhen to shite hatsubai sa reta “desutinī 2”. Sono sekai-kan o, gēmu-nai de pureiyā-tachi ni aisareru `dansu' ni fīchā

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