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Destiny 2 Launch Woes

When Destiny launched in September 2014, it marked my first introduction into the "next-gen" consoles. I got the destiny bundle with the glacier white PS4-- I still remember that day, how I strutted into gamestop uber excited to finally get my hands on a PS4 and the game I've been seeing a lot of hype about in Game Informer Magazine and online. 

Unfortunately when I first got it, I wasn't able to play it right away-- I had to go to work right after I got it-- I got "adulted." When I got home though and hooked up the PS4 and inserted the game, it was all systems go in a strange new world. The game worked, I made some buddies, and got into the action. Fast forward three years, and now the story is completely different. While I was delayed playing the game because of life, many players are delayed because of technical issues. The servers are overloaded with traffic causing many players to be relegated to Bungie's "purgatory" waiting for a server connection. Bungie's official twitter support account tweeted out the following:

This is relatively minor, however, as players eventually were able to connect to the server. What's damning are the reports coming in that Destiny 2 is crashing on the PS4 pro version of the game, with players unable to complete the first mission. In addition, the software crash would lock up the system and require a hard reboot, leaving a bad taste in a lot of players' mouths, since this was a concern brought up during the beta testing:
I was tempted to pre-order the game, reasoning that Bungie surely learned their lessons from the mediocre reviews of Destiny 1 when it launched. Surely they want to come out of the gate strong with Destiny 2. Nevertheless, in retrospect I'm glad I didn't. If the players are correct that this issue was reported during the beta testing of the game, and its still happening on the PS4 Pro, then that means the issue was either swept under the rug as not cost effective to fix (cough cough Activision), or it was just an oversight on their part, or a fix is in the pipeline. Either way, its not really acceptable. Bungie has promoted Destiny in the past by bundling Destiny games and expansions with special edition PS4 consoles, like the Taken King edition of the PS4. Bungie is also bundling Destiny 2 with a special edition destiny themed PS4 Pro.

Imagine the insult a player has when he puts up the money for this special edition, and the game doesn't work on it, and Bungie knew about it from the Beta testing and didn't fix it. That's not a reputable business practice, and it wouldn't be tolerated in any other industry. But because gamers have grown complacent over the last two console generations, development studios have little incentive to ensure the quality of their games, because that costs money, and gamers are gonna buy it anyway.

This has been a staple of the last two console generations unfortunately, broken games on release. As gamers, we need to demand better, and stop pre-ordering games.

On a more positive note, though, I'm still really excited for Destiny 2, but I am cautiously optimistic going forward and still believe Destiny 2 holds great potential to deliver a unique next gen experience.

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