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Everyone wants one but once live they sell out in minutes. If you're not on top of the list or paying attention you lose your chance to get one. 

Update 8/22. Check this Amazon link out. It smells like an SNES preorder to me. Price is right, manufacturer is right, release date is right. And it's shipped and sold from Amazon so you're safe to cancel if I am wrong.
The Super NES Classic Mini has officially been slated for a September 29 release, but the real question remains - when can we place an order! 


We've already received official announcement that SNES preorders will happen at the end of this month. With less than 2 weeks left in August, there's a good chance that preorders could happen during Gamescom.
Although SNES inventory will be in greater supply than with the NES, let's be realistic. The Super NES Classic includes a pre-installed collection of 21 legendary games, including the never-been-released Star Fox 2, as well as a second controller for a reasonable $79.99. Furthermore, Nintendo has only guaranteed shipping through 2017, so it's quite possible that if you don't get a copy by December, you won't get one at all (at least at list price). If you intend to skip preordering and wait until launch to secure a copy, you're setting yourself up for a tenacious experience.
Keep in mind that you are not charged at all until the item ships, and you can cancel at any time with no penalty.


SNES Classic Pre-Orders Went Live On Best Buy's Website, Sold Out Within Minutes

You cried through a re-run of yesterday's Game of Thrones episode. You inhaled a delicious nighttime bowl of Frosted Cheerios. You sighed contentedly beneath the glow of a watchful Samus Aran nightlight, the one you had custom-made last year. One of a kind, bro. But just as you curled up in your Super Mario World sheets and rested your head on your totally radical Donkey Kong Country pillow, another batch of SNES Classic Edition pre-orders went live. And they were sold out within minutes. The world is a strange, unpredictable place.
Under the cover of darkness at around 1 AM EST, Best Buy opened up the proper channels for insomniac customers to grab Nintendo’s upcoming 16-bit throwback console. By roughly 1:30 AM, there wasn't a mini SNES to be seen. While the midnight frenzy was somewhat unexpected, this seemingly sudden pre-order launch was actually hinted at in an official statement earlier this month. The Japanese gaming giant said that the SNES Classic Edition “would be made available for pre-order by various retailers [in] late [August]”, so this may have been the beginning of an impending (and much larger) wave. Best Buy could have simply been the first of many retailers to list the mini console for sale this week, with online entities and stores like Target, Amazon and others to soon follow. Tip of the iceberg, perhaps.
On the flip side, we can only hope that this isn’t the beginning of another Walmart-style debacle like the one that transpired back in July, during which lucky customers were able to reserve the SNES Classic for a short time only to have their valuable pre-orders cancelled days later. That wayward listing ended up being categorized as a mistake, so fingers crossed that this Best Buy page going live was the real deal. Truthfully, I have good faith that it was, seeing as it’s in line with Nintendo’s previously posted plans. Sure, the timing of the whole thing was a bit, shall we say, unfortunate? There were a lot of people snoozing away during the rabid commotion, counting jumping Goombas as precious pre-orders were getting vacuumed up. I’m predicting a lot of grumpy gamers come tomorrow morning. There’ll need to be a lot of coffee. And plenty of Twitter ranting.
Credit: Nintendo

You'll have to be on top of your game to secure a SNES Classic Edition.
But who knows. Because like I mentioned, this could quite possibly represent the trickle before the flood. Other retail pages could start going live within days or hours even, so those healthy individuals who were filling up on beauty sleep while Best Buy marched its twilight parade may have plenty of chances yet. That said, if you’re awake and reading this now (much like I am, you fellow night owls), I’d highly recommend keeping a close eye on that bright yellow pre-order button. In the event that more units become available, it's advisable that you buy yourself some peace of mind. I have zero affiliation with Best Buy, but I’ve seen how these situations tend to shake out. Best case scenario is that you reserve what is sure to be one of the hottest products around this coming holiday season and you're all set. Worst case scenario? You cancel your pre-order before it ships. And I’m talking directly to legitimate fans right now. People who want this system for themselves or for collecting purposes, or better yet, for their kids, friends and relatives. Scalpers can just keep walking. Nothing to see here. Buh-bye.
I’m sure Nintendo fans are perfectly well-informed, but for those stumbling across this article in the dead of night, know that that the SNES Classic Edition will retail for $79.99 and include 21 built-in games like the unreleased Star Fox 2Super Mario Kart and Contra III: The Alien Wars. It will also include two lovely controllers and launch on September 29, 2017. On a closing note, I'd be lying if I said this little pre-order preview didn't make me a tad worried about how things will develop as more retailers make their SNES Classic allotments available. This tiny thing is already ridiculously popular, and I have a feeling that listings won't stay live for more than a few minutes at a time before going dark. I guess we'll see. Be vigilant, my friends. Be brave.
And so you know, I'll be monitoring the SNES Classic page on Best Buy's site throughout the next few hours and posting updates if the pre-order button goes live again. Watch this space, and hit me up on social media so we can be crazy insomniacs in solidarity, and let me know if you miraculously managed to snag a pre-order. Also tell me if you watched the eclipse. Why? Because it was amazing.

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