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Who is the best anime character up to 2021?


This article will go through all of the different anime characters that we think are going to be amazing in 2021 and why as well as our favorite characters of all time. I include the anime to help you find these anime characters. This is just a list of characters and not an article about them. I have also included some information on what kind of type of character they are, as well as when they come out in 2021. I am going to keep this list up to date , so keep checking back.

Also, I have included the time they come out starting in January of 2021. I have put them in order from when a character first came out until how long it will be until this anime comes out. I also put them all together into one list so hopefully you can find them easier. This list is for characters that are going to be in anime by 2021, or at least coming out within the next 6 years. There are also some characters that are not anime, but are still in Japanese media. I have put a * next to the ones that are not anime. If you want to find out more about those characters, just click on the link and it will take you to the Wikipedia page for them.

I have also included a list of other cool anime water sports [surfing, swimming and diving] that should be coming out by 2021. This is just to give people some idea of what they could do in 2021 if they don't want to watch all these great water character anime shows in real time as they air. I also thought it would be helpful for when people ask about an estimated date for when a certain show will come out.

I have added an estimated release date for these characters. Some of these dates are more accurate than others because some of these anime haven't even started airing yet. I did this based on when they first aired and also when they will be finished. There is a huge range as to how far behind studios can get in making and releasing anime that is already out [some take 10 years]. So if you see something like 2021, it could mean in the summer or fall, or even the winter depending on how long it takes to make this show. Also, a lot of anime shows don't give an exact date so I had to guess at a date myself.

Rimuru Tempest: The protagonist from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime . He comes to Earth and meets a young girl, who he names Rimuru because of her cooking. Eventually, he realizes that she is the last of her species that can use magic. Rimuru decides to save this girl from death by merging with her, becoming a slime monster himself. In this process he absorbs all of the young girls magical abilities yet still retaining his human mind. Rimuru then begins to build a village for other monsters like him who have been chased by humans off their land and left with nothing but hate in their heart.

However, when humans begin to realize that the slimes are peaceful beings they start taking more interest in them [to hunt them]. Rimuru eventually becomes an enemy of the human empire that has been hunting the slimes down. He also protects his new village and offers them a new place to call home, as well as giving them food [hundreds of thousands] every day.

Rimuru Tempest is an average young man who just wants to be left alone, but his life gets turned upside down when he gets turned into a slime thanks to the last remaining member of her race. The story is about Rimuru's journey from just being a monster trying to survive in a world where humans fear all monsters, to becoming the king of his own empire . Now this is not your average anime, it has some serious depth that I would say isn't for everyone.

-Anime Characters: 

Ampharos [Pokemon:]

Ampharos is a psychic type pokemon that was first introduced in the third generation of pokemon. It gained popularity from the Japanese version of The Power Of Us. it is always looking for an opponent to battle. This character seems like it will look similar in both the anime and video games and will be a lot of fun to watch. Though this character may not be released until 2022, I still wanted to add it here because it seems like it will be popular by 2021.

The Power of Us (Japanese): TBA

Ayano Aishi [AnoHana]

Ayano Aishi is a character from the anime Anohana. She is the main character's childhood friend and is also a transfer student who eventually becomes his girlfriend. This character seems like it will be popular in 2021 and I have added it as one of several popular manga/anime characters that I think will come out in 2021. I have included this anime to help you find other manga/anime characters that are coming out in 2021. The first date listed for this anime is the first date that the series has been confirmed to come out in Japan. The second date is the estimated release date for the English dub release in the USA.

Anohana (Fushigi Yuugi) DVD [JP]: January 29, 2011

Anohana (Fushigi Yuugi) DVD/BD [JP]: TBA

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Cartoon Network/Toonami): May 27, 2016

Boruto Uzumaki [Naruto]

 I will release Boruto Uzumaki when the best water type pokemon that can learn surf is released.

Boruto Uzumaki [Naruto Shippuden] DVD [JP]: April 12, 2016

Boruto: Naruto The Movie (Cartoon Network/Toonami): May 27, 2016

Chisa Yukizome [OVAs/Movies]

Chisa Yukizome is a character from the OVAs of Angel Beats. She is an athletic and attractive teacher at Yuragi-sou. This character seems like it will be popular in 2021 and I have added it as one of several popular manga/anime characters that I think will come out in 2021.

Boruto Uzumaki is a character in Naruto Shippuden. He is a young boy who had watched his father grow up and become older until both he and his father, Naruto, had died.

Papi, Sherry Cromwell, Kamui, Hoshikawa Subaru 

When they come out in 2021: 

Papi is coming to Netflix on February 8th 2019 and will be released worldwide in 2020.

This is an awesome anime that is based on the manga and sounds like it will be a lot of fun to watch. Even though this anime has nothing to do with water sports, it still sounds like a show that will provide some fun entertainment and enjoyment for fans. This anime comes out in 2021

Attack on Titan: Part 1 (TBA)

Attack on Titan: Part 2 (TBA)

Campione! (Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion) DVD [JP]: April 23, 2011

Cosplay Complex [Anime]

I is too early to tell which one of these is coming out first, they all come out in 2021.

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