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The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2


"The devil is a part timer season 2" is an article about the new season for one of the most popular anime from 8 years ago "Hataraku Maou-sama!". The Demon King Castle is a six-tatami mat room?! the popular anime from 8 years ago "Hataraku Maou-sama!" is back! Defeated by a brave Hero, Demon King Satan, was forced to escape to Tokyo in modern Japan from another world, Ente Isla. Every day he makes a living as a part-time worker in a fast-food restaurant while being caught in the rough Japanese economy. However, Emilia, the brave hero who came to Japan in pursuit of the Demon King was also working as a call center agent. The two works hard

Yet Emilia is still unable to get closer to her dream and the hero goes on his way. One day, suddenly one day an unusual email received from a strange website. The email, which was addressed only to his surname, gave instructions on how to get married with someone...

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