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Are you a Final Fantasy Fan?

 Final Fantasy 

Each Final Fantasy title has their own universe in which it takes place. It is difficult to answer which is the best one because they are all unique and have their own strengths and weaknesses. I personally like them all but there are many other people who prefer a different game or universe. They have very unique storylines to them that may be hard for someone else to follow or understand, so it's up to you what you like better! 1. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is what put the most iconic and recognized series on the map. It featured a strong character who was a bounty hunter called Cloud. The game had strong themes of friendship because the main characters always looked out for eachother. There are many other characters who strengthen their bonds throughout their differences too, like magical girl Yuffie, and a robotic ninja who was built in Midgar named Barret. Many people love this game or like to play it again because they remember all of the relationships between all of the characters. This game is set in Midgar where there's a giant whale that can lift up giant buildings flying above it.... What else is there to say? 2. Final Fantasy IX

Another magical themed game, Final Fantasy IX was a more softer type of fantasy setting. It displayed a classic medieval world with knights, princesses and mages. The main character Zidane was obsessed with thievery and always got his friends in trouble but they still looked out for eachother... they were all just as crazy as each other! This game has many strong female characters who do their part to help the party in the end. One such character is Garnet who is the princess of Alexandria (and also the heir to the Crystal). Another is Beatrix who is one of my favorites because she remains so cool under pressure and her skill in martial arts. The only bad thing about this game is that it doesn't have enough treasure hunting... Which is a shame because I really like treasure hunting! 3. Final Fantasy X

Ahh the one game with some of the most heart breaking moments... The first game in the series to be fully voiced. This is perhaps my favorite universe because it had a more futuristic feel and is set on Earth, even though there are still many fantasy elements. The characters were especially wonderful and I love how there was an emphasis on relationships. This was also the darkest final fantasy to date with a very strong theme on death and reincarnation. Tidus awoke upon an ocean shore and found out he was supposed to be dead.

Final Fantasy X is about a young man named Tidus who awakens upon an ocean shore after being killed. He was supposed to be dead by a god known as Yuna, but she has come to save him... A strange man named Wakka attempts to give Tidus directions and tells him that he is in the city of Zanarkand. Tidus investigates and soon discovers Yuna's father, Sin! This is definitely a very dark game with many twists that may not be revealed until the end. There are many characters you will get attached too, like Yuna's guardian Rikku who helps you in battle and her friends Paine and Lulu. 4.

Have you ever played any of the final fantasy games? I believe I have played them all. Many people are huge fans of final fantasy 7 and many are excited for the new final fantasy game that's coming out in 2023. I personally like them all. Not sure if you ever thought about this but each game is it's own universe. Do you know how many games, shows, movies, anime, manga, shorts etc can be created from each one? 

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