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RIP DMX ( April 9 2021)

  After a long week of tension and rumors circulating wether or not DMX will pull through and show some kind of brain activity while in his coma..... showing very little to no brain activity, unfortunately because of this, the family has decided to make the tough decision and pull the plug on DMX. DMX who was born Earl Simmons was born in Mount Vernon but was raised in Yonkers and this is where his rap career would get started. Early in his rap career DMX was cranking out hits such as "Stop being Greedy" " Get at me Dog" and "Ruff Ryders Anthem" as he became more and more popular with his music he began to build a bigger following within his community. DMX was one of those down to earth rappers that never forgot where he came from, infact he never really left his hometown he would literally be spotted in different areas of Yonkers. He still felt Yonkers was his home no matter how big of a celebrity he became. Always showing support to his community and always willing to help a friend in need. With his rise in fame and fortune came his rise in demons, as DMX would subsequently develop a drug addiction which would play a role and ultimately lead to his passing. 

DMX is considered among fans as the greatest rapper of all time, everything from his unique rap style and amazing story telling has made him a household name and a rap legend. I can remember those summer days in the late 90's through 00's walking down the street and it seems like every car would have their windows down blasting the latest DMX hit. Those were indeed some memorable days, it always made me feel good to be a native from Westchester knowing a very popular such as DMX came from the same area.  RIP DMX 🙏

- Mr. Battle

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