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A Look at the confirmed characters in Persona 5 Strikers

 So are you still excited for Persona 5 Strikers?

A quick look at confirmed characters

Altus released the official character roster yesterday. But as with most Altus games there is always secrets and twists and turns so you never know who may show up. But today Let’s look at those that were confirmed.

Protagonist (Joker): The Overpowered hero who has the ability to wield multiple personas. He is able to change his strengths and weaknesses on the fly and if you are a master at building up personas. He can be deadly. Although we don’t know what the fusion system will look like yet and we hear that there will not be nearly as many personas in this game. We still look forward to saving the world with our team leader.

Morgana (Mona): my first play thorough I was trying to figure out whether he was male or female the whole game. Mona was one of the best healers And though he was a bit on the weaker side when you got the ability to switch characters in and out he was definitely an asset when playing on Harder difficulties and trying to keep your character is alive. He definitely had it hey big personality and finding out his origin story was one of the best parts of the game.

Ann (Panther): was definitely over sexualized throughout this game. So much so that I found myself using her as the love interest for the protagonist through most of my play throughs. She was definitely one of the stronger characters. And her affinity your heart was fire along with her element that burned our enemies.

Ryuji (Skull): While he clearly isn’t the smartest character. What are you lacked in brains he definitely made up for with brute strength. His passion and personality was so over the top but he was so into the life of a phantom thief and standing on his beliefs that I immediately identified with this character. He was fun, flirty, And reminded me of typical teenage boys trying to traverse their way though life. We look forward to seeing you again.

Yusuke (Fox): The man,the myth, the legend, the ninja, the samurai. Initially he comes off as very creepy but once you get to know Yusuke he becomes one of the most valuable assets with the ability to duplicate skill cards and his natural affinity in battle. I found him on my team 90% of the time. We can’t wait to play with him again.

Haru (Noir): Noir is probably One of the weakest characters in the game, not from a battle standpoint but from the character development standpoint. She enters the game very late and his story is rather boring. She’s also really not that interesting. Although she does befall some tragedies as you traversing way to the story it’s really hard to feel anything for this character. Like they say there’s always that one.

Sophie: Sophie is one of the new main characters to join the collective. We haven’t done much research in terms of story because we want to get a fresh look at the game when it comes out but we’re always excited to get new characters new personas and new things to do in the persona world

Makoto (Queen): So as soon as she is introduced you hate this character. But once to learn more about her and move through the story she quickly becomes the tactical leader of the group. She is definitely an asset and a really strong character.

Futaba (Oracle): Most of the original persona 5 story is based around her backstory and though in the original you don’t get to play with her as an active party member she definitely had attributes that help push our team through tough dungeons. Hopefully we get a fight with her this time around.

What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite character? Are there things that you are excited about Persona 5 strikers let us know. In the comment section. 

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